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As you know this blog is built with Hugo . I’m looking at ways to improve the performance of the website and one of the critical point is to serve the minimal amount of data to the user. In this article I will show you how to optimize the images rendering with Hugo.

I recently started to collect vinyls and I wanted to display my collection on my website. I found that Discogs, a service that allows to catalog your vinyls, has a public API that can be used to retrieve the data of a user’s collection. I made use of the Hugo data templates to store the vinyl list and their details and dynamically generated the collection page.

Few years ago I made a simple tutorial to explain how to build a dark mode theme switcher in CSS . Today I want to update it and show you how to do it in SCSS and how to use the default system theme. Update 23/12/2023: After many researches I updated this tutorial to use only pure CSS (and SCSS) to do the switch between the themes.