To conclude my first year of engineering school, I had to do an internship for a month. Maybe you know my involvement in Bolt CMS, but if not I’m doing some stuff for the Bolt’s community and then I meet Bopp. Bopp is the owner of Two Kings , a web development enterprise in Neitherland.

That’s why I decided to join him for a month in The Hague. Now, it’s been 3 days I’m working at 2K and I’m happy to see that this internship will fit with my needs.

I wanna learn how to correctly create a website by going through sketches and wireframes to the final live website, how enhance my way of coding by using the right tools and having a clean code.

Lot of things are new to me. Bye bye manual CSS, Welcome SASS.

Command lines are now my new friends and that’s pretty worth it !

Actualy, I’m working on a showcase part for the wich will be displaying some interesting websites created with Bolt. This project will take me about one week and then i’ll show you here how is it looking.

If you wanna talk with me, I’m up during the day on the IRC, you can find the address on this link .

> git pull